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Shit I'm good at

Web Developer

I have a bachelor's degree in Web Development and
6 years of experience in HTML5, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.
Recently I've been learning ReactJS and TypeScript.

Video Editing

Hobby editing since I was a teenager and experimented with a raunchy comedy focused game review channel on YouTube.

Motion Graphics-ing

I've spent a lot of time in programs like Premiere Pro and After Effects working with Mo Graphs. I really wanna work more with it.

Web Designs

These websites have been worked on during my multimedia designer course and web development bachelor course. I have a bunch of sites from the time I did the web-integrator course, but the databases with all the content for each site is gone, and the frontend designs I made back then were nothing to write home about.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in web development. During the course we went through a bunch of subject from C#, ASP.NET MVC, UI/UX, Frontend, Backend, Android Development, ReactJS, and CMS systems like Umbraco and Drupal. For my thesis, I extended the messaging of component of RaskRask’s PartnerApp, which they’re currently using as we speak. It was written in ReactJS and TypeScript. 

Another thing about these sites is that all of them I worked with a team of people with, so they showcase the result of weeks of focused teamwork, building a site from the ground up with communication deliberations, design ideas both analogue and digital, as well as coding.

A quick note. I can’t link to my bachelor’s project, due to it being a live service that is currently being used by the company I interned at during my Web Development course. 



Responsive Web Design Practice


BT's Maskinfabrik

Multimedia designer 2nd semester exam project


Sarah Thordsen Music

Web Documentary Project

2022-06-26 16_58_55-Professionel massage, træning, yoga og frisør hjemme hos dig _ RaskRask


Internship for Web Development Bachelor

2022-06-26 16_48_12-RaskRask Partner app

RaskRask PartnerApp

Bachelor's thesis for Web Development


Your Next Project

Coming Soon!

Honest, Teamworker, Dutiful & A hell of alot of Fun


My name is Jakob F. Ottosen and I’ve been working with content ever since I was a teenager and created my first Youtube Channel. I’ve always tried to bring a little twist of entertainment to everything I do, because I enjoy making people laugh and happy.

I began schooling with content creation as soon as I came out of primary, and I’ve never stopped working with it. I’ve focused on a wide array of mediums, so that I have a broad palette of ways to express myself.

Previously I’ve taken an education as a Digital Content Creator and Web-Integrator at SDE in Odense. I picked Multimedia Designer afterwards to strengthen my visual output more, and it’s what I hope I can continue doing.

My biggest dream is to keep working on web content, make a career out of it, and have a ton of fun along the way. Even though I like to have fun, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be serious when the situation really calls for focused work, and my integrity rarely allows for me to quit halfway through a project.

Video Editing/Motion Graphics

Concerning video editing I have a very broad palette of work to show. Most of it stems from my hobby YT channel, which is separate from my school/professional work. The channel is comedy focused, but it’s also serious critique of my favorite medium video games. I write the scripts for the videos, do the voice recording, game recording and editing all by myself with script supervision being done by close friends who also do content.

On the motion graphics side of things, I had the most amount of time to work on it during my content creation courses and that’s mainly over on my personal channel. I have a ton more small side things, that I learned which for the most part are in the showreel below, (sometimes projects aren’t satisfactory or they’re just practice for fundamentals). Motion graphics is something I really love doing and bettering myself at and I would love to work with it in the future.

Jakob can underplay his vast knowledge and field of expertise, and therefore often surprises positively both during assignments and in problem solving.
Theis Søndergaard
Editor-In-Chief at DanmarkCTV


Phone: 60 52 06 62
Email: Jacbros1@gmail.com
Based in Denmark, Aarhus C